Why ZeroWork

The Highlights

Automate ANY Website

TaskBots simulate human actions. This means you are not limited to pre-built integrations, triggers, actions, APIs or templates. You can automate ANY website.

I recently started using Zerowork.io for my business, and I am absolutely blown away by how easy and powerful it is. I was able to automate a task that I used to pay a VA $350/month to do, and it now runs seamlessly in the background, saving me time and money.

tglavey109, review on AppSumo

Robust Anti-Bot Detection Prevention

Does the "Chrome is controlled by automation software" display scare you when you use other browser automation tools? Not with ZeroWork!

ZeroWork comes with in-built anti-bot prevention as well as anti-spam and anti-ban detection safeguard features.

For automating social media tasks, the features like spintax, randomization, and action tracking make it safe to use. I'm especially impressed by the ability to collect and qualify leads using sophisticated logic, while not having to worry about getting banned.

Add AI at Any Step of Your Process

Use AI at any step of your automation: generate blog content with AI, hyper-personalize replies, auto-create thoughtful comments and more.

Best part? Not only can you automatically generate content with AI, you can also schedule it to auto-post.

Social media AI automation doesn't get better.

Carmelle Riley, review on TrustPilot

ZeroWork stands out by offering an easy-to-use “ask ChatGPT” automation block... allows you to leverage the power of ChatGPT

Josh Collier, on AutomatorsAnonymous

Generous No-Limit Limits

Tired of counting cloud credits when using other automation tools? Use ZeroWork desktop agent with unlimited webhook and API calls, unlimited run per TaskBot and unlimited parallel runs. Schedule every 5 minutes!*

*Some of these limits can vary across pricing plans.

Not to be limited in the number of task launches is a real plus compared to other automation products.

Ibresler, review on AppSumo

Other similar software tools priced at at least double the amount of ZeroWork and half the features and/or included automation tasks.

Derek R., review on TrustPilot

Easy to Use and Top-Notch Guides

ZeroWork is probably the easiest tool to use for building multi-step automations. Visual drag-and-drop makes building TaskBots both easy and fun.

Fast learning curve with easy-to-follow docs, crash courses and video tutorials.

ZeroWork has helped me automate hours of my work in just a few clicks!

Elias Hasigan, review on Facebook

I am so grateful that you prioritize documentation and training materials and keep them up-to-date.  I’ve struggled to get value from plenty of other tools because I’m blocked by their documentation.

@chirashi, from ZeroWork Discord

In Love with Making You Happy

  • Attentive support by ZeroWork team. We care.
  • Active community on Discord
  • Frequent releases
  • Live streams with free TaskBots shared with all participants

If every product had the same level of customer support we would have landed on Mars years ago.

Antross, review on AppSumo

ZeroWork support is first rate, nothing is too much trouble for them.

Matt, review on TrustPilot

More Features

Easy Data Manipulation

Move data from one sheet/table to another, split text, shorten context, compare, calculate and filter your data. Easily add conditions and comparisons. Beginner-friendly! Use regex for advanced use.

Suited for Multiple Accounts

Maximum fingerprint obfuscation and optional proxy set-up for agencies and anyone who runs automations on multiple accounts. Every TaskBot launches in a cache- and cookie-free blank environment, similar to what you are familiar with in multilogin or incognition apps.

Trigger Run from Zapier, Pabbly, Make or Any Other App

Trigger TaskBot run by calling ZeroWork webhooks from any external application of your choice.

Store Data where You Want - Google Sheets, CSV or Native Tables

Easily combine multiple tables, CSVs and Google Sheets  within the same automation workflow (aka TaskBot). AirTable integration is upcoming.

Custom API Calls

Get and save data to the source/target of your choice by making custom API calls to any external application.

Write Custom JS

When available building blocks are not enough, you can always write custom JavaScript.

Over 10,000 Agencies, Businesses and  Freelancers Use ZeroWork

Ibresler, Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

"Zerowork is an excellent product. I was able to automate my web tasks without any problem and plan to use it more and more. The support is very responsive and the Discord community is very active. The interface is intuitive and the system of an agent installable on a computer is a real plus compared to automation products that are 100% cloud-based. This allows, among other things, not to be limited in the number of task launches."

chiefkief, Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

"If you are willing to spend a little time going over the tutorials, this tool is one of the best purchases you will ever make. They really nailed it, I cannot wait for the updates. Compared to other automation tools, this one really picks up where others fall short."

Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

"ZeroWork has transformed my hours or days of work into mere minutes. Despite being a non-coder, I was able to learn the necessary skills by watching YouTube videos for just one week, and now I feel like a ninja. With this tool, I believe there is almost nothing I cannot accomplish. The community on Discord is also incredibly helpful, providing instant support for any issues users may encounter. I have tried other similar tools, but this web scraper and automation tool is by far the best."

Derek R.
Derek R., review on Trustpilot

"I purchased ZeroWork back in February 2023 through a lifetime deal, and I'm in constant awe of how much the software has grown in that time. The docs are clear and concise, along with full Youtube tutorials that break down the simple basics. I was very new to automation and the founder, Diana, was extremely helpful. There is also an active Discord with many community members who share their expertise. I must commend Diana and her team on the speed of the updates, and the rate they answer their support requests. I never had to send an email, because either Diana or one of the members in Discord helped me pretty much immediately. I requested a feature to be added on March 02, 2024, the latest update on March 14, 2024 included my request. Since then, there are have been 4 updates that included many community members' feature requests. 4 major updates in 3 months, you really have to give the team some credit. I'm writing this review after thoroughly testing the software. I have to admit, there is a learning curve. I haven't been able to use all of the features because I don't need them, honestly. Other similar software has subscription models priced at at least double the amount of ZeroWork and half the features and/or included automation tasks. Dollar for dollar, this thing is packed with a ton of value. Users must understand that while it is a no-code software, you still have to learn how to properly utilize and tweak the software for your specific needs."

buzzreachmedia, Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

"Solid Tool With Great Support. The level of detail that ZeroWork team has put into the supporting documentation is Grade A. ZeroWork has left no stone unturned. It’s very few and far between that I see companies deliver on their product and service. The product is only as good as the support you get behind it, in my opinion. So thank to the ZeroWork team for providing a solid product."

Patric Tanner
Patrick Tanner, Verified Purchaser, AppSumo

If you're looking for a way to automate your web tasks without spending hours coding, then ZeroWork is the perfect solution! With this no-code tool, you can create powerful automations with just clicks and drag-and-drops. But don't be fooled - you still need to invest some time into learning if you want to take full advantage of the automation capabilities. If you're willing to put in the effort though, ZeroWork will reward you with some seriously impressive results! Plus, with a super supportive community and founder always available for advice, you'll never feel like you're alone in the process. Join their Facebook and Discord community channels - come find me @webmajor if you want to chat! I'm a CSS selector ninja and I'm ready to show off my skills. ;-)))) Stop waiting around and get ZeroWork now - with an amazing roadmap available, who knows where this journey will take us!

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