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What Kind of No-Code TaskBot Can You Create?


Auto-Collect & Qualify Leads

  • Collect IG Users Based on Hashtags
  • Collect FB Group Member Names and Available Data
  • Collect & Qualify LinkedIn Profiles and Relevant Data

Auto-Like, Comment & Follow

  • Automatically Engage With Your Target Audience
  • Warm Up Cold Leads by First Auto-Liking & Commenting
  • Automate Follows and Initial Outreach

Auto-Connect and DM

  • Automate and Personalize DM Outreach
  • Send Targeted Connection Requests on All Platforms
  • Target Your Followup Automatically

How Selling TaskBots on the TaskBot Market Works


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Start with the free version. You can upgrade to the premium version anytime.

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Start building your TaskBots in our No-Code Creator App. Refer to the documentation (view here) and watch this crash course (watch here).

ZeroWork Creator App no-code bot builder
ZeroWork market bot management page

Mark fields that your users would need to enter as parameters. These fields can be: DM text, a link to a page to save data from, etc. Easy-to-use forms are generated automatically for your users. Your users won’t see or access the workflow that you have built. See the workflow picture above? This is what YOU work with but none of your users will see it. Instead, on the left you see the form that your users will see and use.


Publish your TaskBots. Simply click on My published TaskBots and log in with your credentials from the Creator App, then click on “Publish a new TaskBot”. You will need to fill out descriptions and add a demo video. Or, you can even pre-publish for your users to join a waiting list!

How to become ZeroWork TaskBot creator
ZeroWork published TaskBots

Manage your published TaskBots - edit, unpublish or pause anytime. Update and improve workflows directly in your Creator app - changes will be reflected for all users.


Now end users can subscribe to your TaskBots on the TaskBot market. Enjoy! We charge 30% commission of every sale you make.

How to become ZeroWork TaskBot creator


For committed TaskBot
Start for free
  • Full functionality to build TaskBots
  • Run TaskBots on your computer
  • Run TaskBots on the cloud remotely
  • Scheduler
  • Community support
For startups and
Start for free, upgrade in the app
  • Full functionality to build TaskBots
  • Run TaskBots on your computer
  • Upcoming: Run TaskBots on the cloud remotely
  • Scheduler
  • Onboarding and email support
  • Credit card billing
For enterprises
Custom Pricing
Contact us
  • Full functionality to build TaskBots
  • Run TaskBots on your computer
  • Upcoming: Run TaskBots on the cloud remotely
  • Scheduler
  • Onboarding, training and dedicated enterprise support
  • Custom billing and custom terms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a software engineer to become a TaskBot creator?

Not at all, it’s all no-code. That said, TaskBot creators are expected to build well-maintained, robust TaskBots that cover edge cases and provide enough optionality to their users. General software, product and coding skills are helpful because you would already understand the logic behind such programs. If, for example, you have experience building chatbots with a tool like ManyChat, you would be a great fit. If you have no software or product experience whatsoever, you still can become a TaskBot creator - just be willing to learn!

How can I learn how to create TaskBots?

A good place to start is to watch the crash courses on our YouTube channel. There is also written documentation.

What kind of TaskBots can I create and sell?

You can create any TaskBots that use websites. Just take a look at what is on the TaskBot market. Create a TaskBot to save LinkedIn search results to a CRM. Create a TaskBot that sends DMs on Instagram. You name it!

Will I see my users’ passwords and data?

No, data saved to data tables and parameters (passwords, login information, etc.) are not accessible to you.

I don’t want to sell TaskBots on the TaskBot market. I just want to build TaskBots for myself.

Sure, just use ZeroWork Creator App for your own needs. No need to publish and sell anything.

I want to build a custom TaskBot for a specific client. I don’t want to publish a TaskBot for everyone.

This is possible. Your client would need to subscribe for the Creator App (just like you did). You can build a workflow for them and send it to them via the option called “Send workflow to another account”. The TaskBot will be duplicated to their account including all the associated data tables. From then on, they can use it, change it and do whatever they want with it. Beware that your client will have access to the workflow itself - if instead you publish your TaskBot on the TaskBot market, only you will retain the IP and the visibility of the workflow logic. If you build TaskBots for multiple clients, you can apply for a commission-based affiliate program, where we pay you commission on every new user you build workflows for. Also, if you cater to enterprise customers, contact us to arrange a commission-based channel sales agreement.

Do you have an affiliate program? 

Yes, please contact us, and we will issue a link for you. You will receive 10% of subscription sales made on the TaskBot market and 30% of Creator App premium plan subscriptions.