Hire a ZeroWork Expert

Get your TaskBot built (or fixed) by a vetted ZeroWork partner

Automators Anonymous

Josh Collier

Automators Anonymous is a vetted ZeroWork partner known for their expertise and active community involvement. Josh, the owner, is one of the most advanced and active members in the ZeroWork community and has helped helped hundreds of ZeroWork users build and optimize their TaskBots. Beyond building custom TaskBots, Automators Anonymous also offers a range of ready-to-use, purchasable TaskBot templates, available here.

Hourly Rate: $75

Inntuitive Solutions

Edwyn Amador

At Inntuitive Solutions, we specialize in crafting tailor-made automated systems that offer fully interactive capabilities, saving you countless hours and boosting efficiency and profitability. Our unique method allows you to seamlessly engage within your automations in a natural manner while also seamlessly incorporating interactive elements when necessary, delivering unparalleled flexibility. Whether you require ongoing custom actions in response to real-time changes on a website 24/7 or navigate websites seamlessly while automating particular tasks in specific situations, Inntuitive Solutions is your best ally!

Hourly Rate Range: $55-100
Hourly Rate Average: $70

Bergie Consult & Design

Nick Bergie

At Bergie Consult & Design, we specialize in bespoke automation solutions using ZeroWork and other tools. As a recognized ZeroWork partner and active community member, we bring expertise in developing efficient, customized TaskBots that streamline processes and boost productivity. Additionally, we offer a range of digital solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring impactful results. Choose us for flexibility and excellence in digital innovation. Visit us here.

Hourly Rate Range: $75+
New Project Minimum: 4 hours